I have a dream

I have a dream...

... and I guess you have too.
Everyone has a dream, but I think that mine is a bit different from yours.

I would like to explain to you what is my dream but before I have to explain a bit about me.
Since I have not so much free time I'll update this page every free minute I will have.

Then, I was born in a little village in the most amazing nation in the world (try to guess what) and now I'm 35. Since I was child I was curious and I liked to read book about how things are made. I was passionated in science and electronics and, at the end of the secondary school, I decided to enroll in a highschool where I could study electronics. But sometimes thing happens and... in the first two years I followed a chemistry course and I falled in love about this topic. Then I decided to continue the remaining years of the high school by taking a specialization in chemistry